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5 Traveling tips for disabled people.

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Planning a vacation for a disabled person is something than needs careful consideration and taking many factors into account is mandatory. Thankfully there are many official and self-managed organizations around the world that help by providing useful tips from people that travel frequently and understand the specific needs for such a situation. We, here in Accessible Rhodes are travelers with disabilities, thus we can provide a wealth of information regarding the setup of a holiday plan.

In most European countries travelers with disabilities are expected to receive the same type of treatment as everyone. The most important points we have to consider are the custom facilities, the correct information and having access to each traveler’s required equipment and aids.

1)Plan on time

While most services and facilities are guaranteed to operate in a certain, accessible manner, it is always wise to inform early the travel agency, hotel, museums, or restaurants you are going to visit to make sure that what they display in their website responds to reality.

2)Be specific about your needs

By giving all the important details about a disability you can inform others about what is needed, even though they may not have experience about this topic.  Not everybody is familiar with the adversities of a disabled traveller, so explaining thoroughly the situation leads to better preparations and minimizes the chance of unexpected surprises.

3)Have a doctor available.

Always have your doctor’s information in hand and keep any documents necessary about your condition and needs. Make sure you have all the important medication with you readily available. Also don’t forget to inform your insurance company or embassy about the terms and hospitalization procedures in case of emergency. If your case demands it, consider a travelling agency that specializes in disabled travelers, thus giving custom solutions.

4)Take care of your transportations

Although in some cities, buses are wheelchair friendly, the hassle may not be worth it. If you have the chance, book an accessible vehicle (eg van) to pick you up from the airport and help with your transportations while on holiday.

5)Bring spare parts and tools

Wheelchairs as any vehicle sometimes fail. The last thing you need during your vacation is searching for spare parts or tools to fix the problem. Make sure that you or your co-travelers have all the necessary parts for small fixes and adjustments.

With the actions above and with careful planning we are sure that there are going to be fewer chances of something going wrong along your trip and your experience will be unforgettable!