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March 26, 2019

7 Accessible Destinations on the island of Rhodes

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At Accessible Rhodes, we believe that everyone has a right to holidays and recreation. Rhodes is an island with unparalleled beauty and unique sights recognised throughout the world, ready to make visitors smile and fill them with memories of a lifetime.

Here is a look at some accessible destinations and itineraries able to receive wheelchairs or special equipment to offer visitors to the island an unforgettable tour.

1) Medieval city of Rhodes.

7 Accessible Destinations on the island of Rhodes

Probably the most famous sight in Rhodes is the medieval city at the heart of the island. This internationally renowned destination is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the largest and best-preserved medieval cities in Europe. It consists of dozens of cobblestone alleyways connected to each other and winding past major cultural monuments. These include the Grand Master’s Palace, Suleiman mosque, the Muslim library, the Jewish Synagogue, the archaeological museum and many others. Many consider this to be the most impressive spot in Rhodes, and is accessible to electric scooters and special mobility chairs. If you are visiting during summer, it is best to venture out in the early morning hours, as the main roads quickly fill with people and it can get quite hot during the busy times. Those who prefer to visit less popular but just as beautiful side streets (such as the north side of the Old Town, the Red Gate of St John and others) will have the opportunity to explore impressive lanes, buildings and hidden corners where few visitors or even locals venture. The Old Town has countless important spots and places of great appeal that can hold a visitor’s interest for hours. 

2) A tour of Rhodes’ northernmost section.

7 Accessible Destinations on the island of Rhodes

Many locals refer to the area around the aquarium as the “point” as it is the northernmost spot on the island. Setting off from the car park at the Rhodes Nautical Club, one follows the pedestrian walkway that leads to the beach, past the casino, to reach the aquarium and continue to the west side (Psaropoula). The route follows the coastline and is the best place to be at sunset, when the whole area is bathed in a glimmering orange light and cooled by refreshing breeze. The pedestrian walkway essentially links the Old town to the aquarium and extends to the statue of Diagoras on the opposite side. This distance of 2 km is a favourite of many for an afternoon stroll, and many locals walk along it even in winter.

3) Monte Smith hill.

 Accessible Destinations on the island of Rhodes

Not far from the two previous spots is the small hill of Monte Smith, on which the 2,000-year-old Temple of Apollo and ancient stadium are located. This long pedestrian way intersects a corner of the hill and offers visitors an unforgettable view. From the point extending from the temple, it is possible to see the north-west side of the island, the Ixia area, Filerimos and Ialysos in the distance. At the corner of the hill, 500 m to the right, the city centre, the sea and the coast of Turkey are all at your feet. This is an accessible and very popular spot, where again sunset is the best time to visit. It is also possible to visit the site earlier in the day and explore the ancient stadium where athletic events were held in antiquity, and to view the amphitheatre, next to the competition area. The site is now used for school day trips and concerts during the summer months.

4) Tour of the windmills and the fort of Agios Nikolaos

 Accessible Destinations on the island of Rhodes

At this spot, it is easy to see why the centre is by far the busiest area, not only for a night out or the shops, but even just for a daily stroll. Another very lovely route is the pedestrian way that connects the Town Hall to the fort of Agios Nikolaos. This short route follows the coastline and visitors will be able to see the fountain, the cruise ships, fishing boats, the windmills, the fortress and the «deer»sculptures. It can also easily be combined with the Old Town or one of the previous tours, as the Agios Pavlos Gate, used as an armoury in the Middle Ages, lies between them.

5) Afantou coastal road.

7 Accessible Destinations on the island of Rhodes

Hearty explorers with energy for touring will find a 1 km pedestrian walkway next to the village of Afantou which follows the waterline. The coast here is rocky, but is one of the cleanest on the island and a favourite with many. This specific beach is also accessibe and you can enjoy the amazing clean water of the Aegean sea, by using the suitable eguipment we provide in Accessible Rhodes.

6) Visit to the back streets of Lindos.

8 Accessible Destinations on the island of Rhodes

For those curious to visit a traditional settlement and wander round the touristy lanes, Lindos is also an interesting destination, but with many uphills and downhills, and crowds of people in summer. In Lindos you can find many traditional shops that they provide our greek calture. Inside the old town of Lindos you can use the electric scouters to avoid the difficilties of the road.


7) Exploring Theologos (Tholos)

7 Accessible Destinations on the island of Rhodes

Tholos is located on the west side of the island, about 8 km from the airport. This picturesque village is not well known, but features numerous traditional homes, narrow, cramped lanes, lovely restaurants and interesting side streets to explore.

These are unquestionably some of the most appealing accessible routes for a tour of the island and should be on every explorer’s list.

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