"Accessible Rhodes is a private initiative and community project with just one vision: To make tourism in Rhodes an experience to be enjoyed by all. To allow everyone to enjoy their holiday with safety and dignity, and according to their own special needs.

The aim is to provide top-quality tourism services, such as transport, tours and equipment to people with disabilities, so they may have the chance to enjoy a holiday in Rhodes, just like anyone else. At the same time, we aim to provide accurate and verified information to people with disabilities regarding accessible hotels and destinations tailored to their personal needs.

Our principles

  • Respect to the customer
  • Respect for our customers
  • Service with an emphasis on the individual’s safety and dignity
  • Trained staff who understand your needs
  • Research and accurate information provided to customers based on their special needs
  • Understanding and responsibility
  • Tourism is everyone’s right


CTM was established by Giorgos Michalakis as an incoming tourism travel agency. Nowadays, it is the leading destination management company in Rhodes and Kos. In addition, the company owns a fleet of more than 50 buses and minibuses, some of which are specially made to transport people with disabilities. Finally, CTM is active in the area of corporate social responsibility as it relates to accessible tourism, and its corporate culture has incorporated the Global Compact’s Human Rights principles.


Aside from the above, other supporters of the Accessible Rhodes initiative include the local and regional administrations, associations of merchants and entrepreneurs, tourist agencies and individual supporters and volunteers. The SCE Asklipeiades associations are official members of the Greek Federation of Persons with Disabilities (ESAmeA) and the European Disability Forum.

Accessible Rhodes’ vision is clear and is in line with the global trend: Tourism for all. Tourism should not be a luxury, nor intended only for completely healthy individuals. On the contrary, persons with disabilities should also be able to enjoy their holiday, just as everyone else, with joy, comfort and dignity.