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August 3, 2019

A full day of activities in the Center of Rhodes!

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Rhodes is one of the most interesting destinations of Greece with Mandraki -its center at the north edge of the island- being a real sea-side gem. Today we are going to outline 3 ideas for the visitors of Mandraki to get the highest “value for time” possible.

For the first stop we suggest Throne of Helios 9D Cinema & Entertainment Center. It consists of a museum-like, fully-accessible main hall that is packed with exhibits and historical documents. Throne of Helios reminds an art gallery whose main activity are 9D movies. They last for about 20-30 minutes. Visitors have the chance to learn about the history of Rhodes through an interactive movie that combines special audio and 3D visual effects, wind, rain, bubbles, fire and shaking seats that resemble an earthquake!  A true “must-do” for all history lovers that want to fill their vacation with knowledge and unique experiences.

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After the interactive history lesson and the movies finish, it may be time for a snack. Urban Burger is just 200m away, next to Cyprus Square, a famous meeting point for many locals. Guests can enjoy just made premium burgers on the alley while feeling the aura of downtown Rhodes.

With a full stomach and a mind filled with flashy visuals, now is the perfect time for a small walk towards St. Nicholas Castle on the port of Rhodes. To get there you need to pass in front of the 3 old windmills, a spot that once visited gets shaped in the memories of each visitor, as Rhodes’ most colorful and iconic view. Aim to start this combined Mandraki tour at around 2-4pm so you end up at the windmills just during the sunset.

We hope that these ideas helped to create an amazing day that will fill your vacation with memories and become an instant highlight!